Must Haves for your Home Cleaning Kit

Domestic Home Cleaning can be challenging. There are way too many products out there you can choose from: which are truly important? How to make the right choices?

Besides the obvious house cleaning products that you can buy from any store, there are enough tools and accessories to get you confused.

I have compiled a little list with the essential must haves for any house cleaner.

Kitchen Roll:

Who said that you can only use a kitchen roll in the kitchen? I especially like to use mine doing my bathroom cleaning!

It is ideal to clean areas with a bigger concentration of bacteria, such as the W/C, as you can dispose them once you are done without any danger of spreading the bacteria around.

I should also mention that the kitchen roll is also handy cleaning the kitchen and cleaning any surfaces as it does not leave strikes.

Microfiber cloths:

Get your hands on as many as you can!

You can use them for almost anything when it comes to house cleaning.

They are awesome dusters, and you won’t need to use any product to dust with, just your cloth! It will pick up all the dust around.

They are also fantastic to clean windows, mirrors or any other glass surfaces. Dump one cloth in hot water and wash your window with that. Immediately after pass with a dry cloth to avoid any water marks.

Baking Soda:

It is cheap and easy to find, and it has many different uses around the house.

You can use it in the bathroom and kitchen cleaning, to get rid of mould and water marks.

Furthermore, you can finally defeat the soap build up in your shower or bathtub cleaning.

It is definitely an item that should have!


Last but not least, we come to the star of your home cleaning kit! Vinegar!

It has many, many uses all around the house. From actually cleaning to preventing things from getting dirty.

If you’d like to know more about the uses of vinegar check out this blog post.

Do not hesitate to leave your questions or comments in the section down below, and of course, call us if you want one of our cleaners do your domestic cleaning for you!

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