The natural way to clean your oven

Wait… What?

Yes, you heard it right. There is a natural way of cleaning your oven…

The magic comes from the everyday household item. Baking Soda!

Using Baking soda is a really effective cleaning method to get rid of all the grime and grease.

All you need to do is make sure the oven is off (LOL), spray some water inside the oven to help the baking soda work. Pour a thick (be generous!) layer of baking soda, especially on the bottom. Make sure the layer doesn’t get dry, spray some water on the top if needed!

Leave the baking soda do its magic for a few hours and simply wipe up all of the paste, make sure you remove all of it as can create smoke when burning. You are in for a surprise! For really baked on grease and grime it might take a couple of applications, but trust me it always works and it is completely, 100% natural!

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